Invited speakers

Keynote and invited addresses:

Keynote: Ian Underwood (Univ. Edinburgh, UK)

European Research in Electronic Displays in Context

Keynote: Nelson Tabiryan (Beam Co, USA)

Fourth Generation Optics

Patrick Candry (Barco, BE)

Projection displays: new technologies, challenges and applications

P.Kathir. Nathan (Brunel University, UK)


Werner Zapka (Xaar, SE)

Inkjet printing in industrial applications and its use in display manufacturing

Michael Becker (Display-Messtechnik&Systeme, DE)

Display Metrology: a historical review

Sally Day (University College London, UK)

Modelling of liquid crystal structures

Vladimir Chigrinov (HKUST, HK)

Photoaligned Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals: the new horizons in physics and applications

Haizheng Zhong (Beijing Institute of Technology, CN)

Emerging Materials and Processes for Quantum Dots based Display Technology

Jyrki Kimmel (Nokia, FI)

Visual Performance Characterization of Flexible Mobile Displays

Jack Silver (Brunel Uni., UK)

Cathodoluminescence Images and Spectra of Single Nanometre Sized Phosphor Crystals Excited in a Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope

Haruhiko Okumura (Toshiba Corp., JP)

Monocular AR Display for Automobile Navigation and Safety Driving

H.S. Kwok (HKUST, HK)

Progress in Bridged-grain TFT

Sang-Hee Ko Park (KAIST, KR)

Architectures of Oxide TFT for High Resolution Display