EuroDisplay 2015 was a great success. We thank all authors and in particular all invited and keynote speakers. We also thank all exhibitors and most or all our sponsors! Finally we thank all participants to make this a great event!

We have added a small picture album. Click 'Pictures' in the lefthand column.

Also, as a service to our attendees, we have created a repository where we make the slide presentations available that authors send us (on a voluntary basis). Follow this link (login required). The login information will be sent to all registered conference participants.

Book of Abstracts and Full Papers

The EuroDisplay 2015 Book of Abstracts is available as a supplement to the SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers, hosted on Wiley Online.

15 abstracts were upgraded to full papers in the Journal of the Society for Information Display (JSID) and are published in the August, September and October issues of JSID. All 'Best of EuroDisplay 2015' papers are freely accessible until December 31st. After that, access can still be purchased. SID members always have access to the complete catalog of SID Symposium Digests and to the JSID Journal. Membership is only $100 per year (only $5 for students) and can be purchased here.

Special Topics

  • Display Materials
  • Displays and Lighting
  • Display Applications
  • OLED and Organic Electronics
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Liquid Crystals Beyond Displays
  • Metrology

Ghent Festival

Excellent opportunity for amateurs of classical music: EuroDisplay takes place in the middle of the Ghent Festival of Flanders. Check the program.

Keynote speakers


Ian Underwood (Univ. Edinburgh)

European Research in Electronic Displays in Context


Nelson Tabiryan (Beam Co)

The Fourth Generation of Optics

Organized by

Ghent University

A joint effort between two research groups: the Centre for microsystems technology and the Liquid crystal & photonics group

General Chair: Herbert De Smet

General Co-chair: Kristiaan Neyts

Executive Chair: Jeroen Beeckman

Program Chair: Dieter Cuypers